20091225 K.Will’s 1st Concert   Leave a comment

First fancam came out with tears. It would be a cold day but all hearts were warm.

(There are a lot of noised that I can’t do anything much about that.)


From the news, he sang “Left Heart”, “Dropping the tears”, “Miss, Miss and Miss”, “Quit Smoking”, “Just a repeat”, “Hario” from his 1st and 2nd album. Also the song he used to guide before debut “Hug”(DBSK) and “Pi” (FTTS).

Beside that (such a long song list -_-‘), “Chocolate”, “Love 119”, “Hypnosis”,  “alone”,  “Heart Breaker”(G-Dragon), “Again and Again”(2PM), “Fire” (2NE1). (Yeah, an encore with “Music is my life” and “Dropping the tears”.)

And he got the surprise with birthday cake. ^-^

Note: I’ll upload files later, he appeared on some TV programs. Do you want it?

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