K.Will real hot kiss scene…   4 comments


Watch this…. lol

Wang Seok Hyun came to sheer up K.Will during the rehearsal of  K.Will the first solo concert.

Wang Seok Hyun, he kept doing that for 10 minutes…..

Posted December 23, 2009 by Ann in Music

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4 responses to “K.Will real hot kiss scene…

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  1. I laughed so hard when I watched this one. The lil kid sure knows where to aim!! ROFL!!

  2. that lil kid need to see me at the back yard alone! hahaa..aww gawwdd… poor K.Will..but kinda funny at the same time! ROFL haha XD

  3. i almost died when i first watch video on nates looool omg i almost stop breathing looking at seok hyun kissing k will!!!! and i replayed the video for like 9835289423891 times you know!!! “araso araso araso….” “ah i’m going crazy” hahahahaha i didn’t have place to spazz over this until i found here! ❤ thank you 😀

  4. It’s been a while from when they knew (worked with) each other (1 year). If you watch the 1st video of Seok Hyun and K.Will, you might notice that this boy really likes him (of cause he kept kissing him on the cheek many times).
    This time, I guess, Seok Hyun would really miss his hyung. Kissing on the cheek is not enough for him, though. LOL

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